In addition to the links sprinkled throughout the pages of this site, here are a few interesting and informative sites not to miss!


David G. Monette
Dave Monette has developed a holistic approach to designing and building state-of-the-art, custom-built brass instruments and mouthpieces. They consider all the elements in performance: the player, the mouthpiece, the instrument, the performance room, and the audience as a communication system. The interaction of these five elements is the key to making improved equipment.


Creative Metal Arts Guild
Tami was a founding member of this group of over 100 people from the Pacific Northwest. Among CMAG's members are custom jewelers and jewelry artists, manufacturers, metalsmiths, sculptors, teachers, stone cutters, stone dealers, enamalists, gemologists, knife-makers, and suppliers. CMAG provides a chance for all to come together regularly, exchange ideas, and enjoy each others' company. Keep on the watch for their Annual Spring & Fall Shows!



American Craft Council
The American Craft Council is a national, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of contemporary American craft. The ACC has set the standard for wholesale and retail craft shows since 1966, and publishes American Craft Magazine.


Ben Neubauer
Ben Neubauer is an emerging artist and friend. Check out his work by clicking on the link, above.


Oregon Humane Society
Find out where your perfect pet is waiting for you to pick her up! WARNING: Browsing this site regularly may lead to pet overcrowding in your home!


Shannon Spence, Realtor
Buying or selling a home in the Portland area? Shannon's site has all you need to know! Site includes listings, calculators, and great advice.


Second Chance Companions
Second Chance Companions is a non-profit pet adoption referral organization dedicated to helping animals in SW Washington and Greater Portland who are homeless, or about to be homeless, find deserving homes. They are a humane, no-kill organization staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers.


Kristin Mitsu Shiga
Kristin Shiga, tenured employee & Webmistress of Tami Dean Studio, runs her own business, as well. Check out her work by clicking the link, above.